Friday, October 1, 2010

Dinosaurs Return

It all ended with smashing through glass windows to offices of a recently abandoned building, searching for cigarettes. Breaking the glass, first a hole with my foot or fist, then the rest fell away. It was methodic and simple. I enter and search the abandoned desks of the former suit wearing occupant. The first one a woman, her desk filled with dozens of empty cartons of marlboro lights and blues, all tightly fit in her drawers and on her shelf. I found some extra large matches, really long ones meant for lighting candles. I aggressively took them and shoved them into my pocket. Continuing to the next office I kicked in the window to the fire hose closet. The next office belonged to a man, and it was also filled with cartons of marlboro reds. I could smell it, I knew I was close. After a thorough search, through box after box of empty cigarettes, I found one, half full, left behind. Success! I took them and quickly left the room. The next office I was back in my bedroom, it was dark. I quickly ransacked through my bags and picked the best one for the job, a yellow and grey backpack. I stuffed in my sleeping bag and the matches I had found with the cigarettes. Winter was coming, and hard times were ahead as I exited the city by foot. As I looked around my room to decide what else to take with me, I woke up.

It started with an emergency. That night in Toronto along the waterfront, a violent explosion of blue and white had torn a gateway through time. This wormhole was a tunnel to prehistoric earth, the planet dominated by millions of dinosaurs, all aware of their impending extinction. In an act to save themselves, they crossed the gateway into our time. The city was quickly overwhelmed, most of the creatures were massive. Long necked, towering carnivores, toothed and horned, forcing their way into our night. The people scattered in panic.

I was working at the time, downtown. It wouldn't be long before they reached us so we needed to leave quickly. I knew that I could avoid the larger creatures but the small carnivores and other raptors would be coming for us. I got to my group of co-works, most working that evening were obnoxious and useless. I asked for my supervisors, Cheryl or Michael, but they were no where to be found. I left my crew and decided to go it alone.

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