Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Frisbee Dig

I was on the Gardiner Expressway looking down over the railing from the backseat of the van, Joanne. There were cars all driving west, it was day, dry, clear. In the park below my friends were playing frisbee. I was riding with two others, a driver and a navigator but I don't remember who they were. Together, we were trying to fly away from this place, but every time we didn't quite make it. We would have to turn back and circle around to try again. But this time, we knew we could. We sped up, the van turned up until the wheels were spinning in mid-air. We rose higher and higher and just as we could feel the weight of the van start to pull us down, my friends threw their red frisbee up toward me. I reached out the window to catch it, this had the power to lift us off the earth.

Before that we drove west through downtown, elevated on the Gardiner Expressway. When we drove past Stachan Ave. I made a joke I do not remember about the pronunciation and my driver and navigator both laughed.

Before that I was sitting cross legged with Michelle Brewer after we were dancing and playing, impersonating animals and behaving like children outdoors around a bonfire.

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