Sunday, October 31, 2010


I was with another man, we were in Miami. We stopped in a private courtyard, fenced in. There was a pool for a small two story apartment building, and we started making out. It was getting on to dawn, no doubt we partied all night long. As we kissed, another man left his apartment. This startled us. It was a familiar man, the roommate of a past love. He backed down the latter of his porch and jumped into the water.

Suddenly we were all in, but the water was made of blankets and sheets and comforters and duvets, thrown together in the pool. We were weightless and I continued to kiss the other man.

I turned and another man was in the window up above us, looking down. I knew it was my past love. I left the man I kissed and got out of the pool. By this time the past love had come down to the door. The light was getting stronger, the sun was rising. He came out to me, and I stood to him. I reached up to hug him, and he embraced me back. Taller, shorter hair, and I still felt the love inside him. I told him to tell me about him. He stuttered, a little nervous. I said, tell me while we dance, and I held out my arms and began to waltz on my tiptoes, taking the role of the woman but leading like a man.

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