Friday, August 27, 2010

3 Planes Crashing

I was standing on a balcony high above the channel, the city and the airport were to my right, the open night and the dark lake was on the left. I was standing there, happy to be home alone, all had gone to a baseball game and I was left with my mother to have nice conversations and enjoy the quiet night. We were watching the small planes come and go from the airport, the breeze was cool and reminded us of the approaching change in season.

A large four engine plane was coming in slowly for a landing. It was too large to set down and at the last minute the pilot decided to make a sharp turn away from the landing strip. The left wing hit the water and the entire plane sank into the darkness below. We watched is shock as the massive white fuselage disappeared. As I was feeling compelled to grab my camera, another smaller plane that was to land crashed into the city street in front of an apartment building and sank into the concrete. No explosions or fires, just a broken hole where the plane made contact with the ground. I ran to get my camera, my mother was worried about me but I said I needed to help. As I reached my camera on the table a third plane crashed into a building close to ours, flat into its facade and this time there was an explosion after impact. It shook my building and I lost my balance and fell. I got up, saw my mother was alright, and rushed out to see if I could help, camera in hand.

On the streets it was relatively silent, there was rubble from the collapsing building but no signs of injured or disoriented people, no survivors either. I started taking pictures of the damage, the building gutted by a plane, the street with a chasm carved into it from the second crash. A woman was following me, taking photographs as well. She was dressed in black, thin with blond hair, she was my girlfriend.

Together we went inside the damaged building to search for survivors and take photographs. We walked down the hall, a green carpet, fancy doors like a high end hotel, but all was silent. I let myself into a room a few stories up and inside the outer wall was crumbling away. Exposed was the city and the lake in the night, silent. I went to take a picture but my camera was gone. I must have put it down in another room. I told the woman I would meet her later, I had to find it.

As I left the room I became lost in the maze of the building. When I finally got back to the street without recovering my camera, I felt torn. Should I go back in and resume my search or should I return home to check on my mother. I woke up.

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