Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Parties planes and panties

And two nights ago I dreamt of another party, everyone I have ever known in my entire life was there. I was made up of all of these individuals, and I could feel and experience their existence as if it were my own. Together as a mass, we were on the tarmac of an airport, open to the night. There were two massive jumbo jets parked on either side of the mass, one was blue, the other was black. Everyone at the party wanted to talk to me, to touch me. I slowly moved my way through the crowd towards the stairs up into the black plane.

Once inside I was brought into my own private room and put to bed. It was a king sized hospital bed, and the room was dark. There was a large screen at the foot of the bed and medical devices all around, a few doctors hovered as well. My sister was there, and she was put in charge of my morphine drip. At first she didn't know how to use it, but then accidentally gave me the entire dose at once. I went euphoric.

Soon two other boys came to the door. One was familiar, someone who sat beside me during my type history lecture, the other was a stranger. Familiar to me was wearing a hospital gown, the other was naked. The doctors told my sister to leave the room and the two boys came in. The naked one was examined while the other got into the enormous bed with me, he was friendly and I became aroused. I noticed I was wearing an old pair of boxers that used to be my favorite, red plaid that ripped up the ass to expose one of my butt cheeks. I had thrown them away years ago. I woke up.

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