Thursday, August 26, 2010

Half man Half snake

I was traveling at night with a group of people, family, friends and others. We were nomads crossing the land heading away from the city. We came to a massive pool glowing blue in the dark, surrounded by a fence. The group decided to rest, and we went for a swim. Enjoying the water, I soon noticed something else was in the pool with us, something dark and ominous. It was a giant crocodile, hungry. I slowly backed away from it, not saying a word but knowing I needed to get out of the water. It circled and approached a man swimming on the other side of the pool. This man didn't have legs, but rather a giant snake like tail instead. The crock came up to his tail and aligned directly on top of it. At this point, many others in the pool noticed the predator and began to panic, trying to warn the half man half snake but it was too late, the crocodile began to feast on him. I backed out of the water, not taking my eyes off the beast and circled to the far side of the pool deck, getting away from the carnage that was taking place in the blue water. People were trying to get away everywhere, the animal got out of the water and cornered several people, my family included. I realized the crocodile was going to eat my mother and I ran quickly to try and fight the creature off. By the time I got there, the animal had left, it's belly full and my family was safe. I ran up to my mother who was a very tall skinny man with red hair and a big red beard dripping wet. I hugged her and was so relieved she was alive.

I told the group to go on without me, that I needed to get some more things from my apartment before I left and I would meet them later. I entered my apartment which was filled with mementos and all my belongings, it was not a place based in reality but still familiar to me, it was my home. I got a bag and slowly picked a few items that were irreplaceable. As I was doing this I was profoundly sad to be leaving everything behind to be destroyed, but I had no choice.

I left the apartment out the front door, and I was on a curved city street on a hill. It was snowing and the ground and street was covered in wet slush. The main road up the hill was busy with traffic and streetcars, people pushing to get out of town in a hurry. I noticed our van, filled with belongings and I opened the passenger door. As I got in I noticed I looked like Lindsay Lohan, long orange hair and mascara running down my face from the crying I had done while packing up. I sat down as shot gun, Ben was in the back seat, Michelle was at the wheel. I slammed the door shut and told her I was ready to go. Without a word, Michelle threw it in gear and we started up the little hill, the wheels spinning in the slush, the van heavy with our surviving belongings. As we approached the main street Michelle didn't slow down. Out of fear of getting stuck in the snow or because she didn't know how to drive, we turned quickly onto the main road and cut off a street car which was clanging its bell at us. There was so much traffic and the cars were everywhere, everyone was trying to get away. Michelle wasn't fazed by the chaotic driving but I felt anxious. And then I woke up.

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