Tuesday, August 17, 2010

bob inna cayge on X4

NNNNNBobcaygeon is no NNNNBrunswick but she'll do oh yesh she does just fine. Leaving tonight, these are filmmy pics from the big ghey Maytwofer with James, Sissle, Ola, Mike and of course the A-man. The grain is my pick with flick. When I'm rich I'll throw my digital belongings in a pile and live just like the purple blooded high brows of the middle ages, hands only, with maybe a few extras.

Started my internship yesterday, working right away on a logo for rapper style, surrounded by musicians and artists, its gooood. Big smiles. Real smiles. Final exam on Friday. Start working at TIFF next week. Home to mommy in two. Life is good, I hope this summer burns through until 2011. The year we made contact? So silly that was 2001, ten years later you become a citizen.

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