Sunday, August 22, 2010

Devin Devin

Three nights ago I dreamt I was late to my exam. I had been harassing Adam the entire day before about leaving at the right time, in order to get back to town in time for my exam. I had some anxiety about it. As I slept I dreamt;

I was late, and driving in a modern sleek black SUV with Devin R who was playing Adam. This man was Adam but looked like Devin. It was a late summer afternoon, and we're driving through the country back to the city.

Devin says we have to stop to visit some people, as we pull past the house I recognize it and agree, I say "only for a few minute though," I don't want to be late. This house is the Puglsey house, friends of the family back in New Brunswick, but their suburb happened to be on the way to Toronto. I get out of the car, my driver goes in immediately to tend to the music. There is a little party going on, mostly families with children. I enter and find Meaghan Howe immediately, wife of Devin Puglsey and old friend from high school. She is pregnant again, but her belly only expands to the dimensions of a grapefruit. It is awkward. I say to her I want to meet her daughter Nora and she brings the baby over. This baby who is supposed to be younger than two has the face of an older mullato woman, with dreads and the frame of a 6 year old. I say hi for a little while and then realize the time is going. I am going to be late for my exam! We exit out onto the lawn, Devin R is there by the car. As I'm leaving I ask Meaghan when the new baby is due, and she tells me it was due 6 weeks ago. As she and Nora sit on the curb I say "that's not good." My driver and I get in the car and then I wake up.

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