Saturday, December 18, 2010

Brown worms and Bitty escapes

When I thought I woke up I left my room and went out to the balcony, it was still dark. I asked a smoking Michelle if it was 9am or 9pm. She said 9am. I said that was impossible, I was so exhausted. I left the balcony. Inside, there was a small gathering happening in the living room. Craig, Robyn, Ben were there among others. I had to escape to my room.

Once there I watched a mole on my left arm expand and grow longer and longer until it resembled a brown worm. The pain was unbelievable.

My room was lit by candles despite the mess. On my bed was my deceased visual culture professor, Kim Pruesse, she was playing my psychologist. First she examined the mole growth using a 3D tricorder and I instantaneously understood why it grew, eliminating the pain. She walked about the room analysing me, saying profound things that I cannot remember.

Then Bitty, Craig's cat, pushed her way out my window screen and into the city. I screamed and ran out my room. Bitty, Bitty, Bitty! I cried. I flew down the stairs and out the front door. There she was perched on an old garbage can afraid of what she had done. I kept yelling Bitty Bitty Bitty! and I woke up.

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