Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A large flower planter was my purse

Waiting for our plane, my sister and I had many bags. We were watching the aircraft come and go from three airports around the intersection at which we waited.

A large double decker plane in distress came into view and we watched a smaller plane fly with it near the engine in an attempt to put out the flames. Winding around we could tell the plane was going to land at the airport closest to us. As it came down heavy and hard, the landing gear did not release and it skidded down the runway out of view. Cars chased it with hoses, sirens blaring, sparks everywhere. I went to the end of the runway and took a few photographs but then the wind blew sparks and ash into my face.

I turned away to find my sister but she was gone. I grabbed all of my bags and hers, including a large flower planter which was my purse. Heavy, but confident, I found my sister in a coffee shop across the street. She looked up at me and smiled, thankfully took her bags back and said, "I bet this will delay our flight."

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