Sunday, December 12, 2010

crossing into age and juice fights

A woman who visited the gallery came to my party and reached to me. She said she needed me to follow her into my room, she was with another woman and a small dog. It felt of an urgent nature but when we crossed into my room I exited from a white high rise apartment building, storming out. The scene changed completely. I am an asian man walking away from an asian woman. She is yelling at me and I yell back. We are aging quickly, slowing wrinkling during the entire scene. I am walking through fences onto the sidewalk when this woman, my partner, catches up to me and dumps the rest of her orange juice over my head. I feel it's thickness laced with the pulp and feel enraged. While she continued to yell at me in a language I can't understand I unscrewed my vitamin water and poured the entire thing over her head. Her hair soaked, she was in shock. I violently walked away from her back into the apartment building, she as an old lady began to cry.

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