Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Doing the Dishes in my Bed

We had moved the after party of the bonfire up to my bedroom. We were talking about our past dreams from that night but I had difficulty recalling mine. I laid down.

I started doing the dishes in my bed, speaking to Joanna about our new arrangement at home. "If you cook you don't have to clean." I said as I rinsed out a bowl. There was a faucet at the foot of the bed, but no drain. The water spilled onto the covers and the mattress, but I didn't mind.

I noticed Michelle was getting louder as she drank and smoked cigars at my dresser which was set up like a bar. I suggested we go downstairs so we wouldn't wake up my mom.

At the top of the stairs I whispered "Happy Birthday" to Michelle and she let out a huge laugh. I grabbed her arm and escorted her downstairs. She was drunk.

Into the kitchen we arrived. Matt sat on a bench that was in front of the door to the basement. I pulled the button of his pants up to his belly button and made it jiggle. We all laughed. This was quickly interrupted by a loud knock on the door.

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