Saturday, January 1, 2011

11 days for Bestmas

Bestmas. Folks good, home free. New bathroom, sweet kittens and cute dog. A little snake sometimes. Boonta needs a muzzle! Meetings, eatings with scalloped potatoes, ham, salmon baked potatoes, turkey + fixin's, mash and roast, breakfast x100 and mimosa's. Drives round town sister home for Christmas photo. Bonanza, Nor'Easter, Bonfire in the snow. Yerxa Christmas Party, Brewer Birthday and a drop in with the Cusacks. Run 'round with couch balance, talk to ma mom n dad eeryday. Heart Squeezed. Sad to say goodbye. Thanks Brent Dawes, Matt Ross, Jen O'Reilly, Ben Ross, Robyn Akimbo + Ross/Van Oorschot/Stillwell's, Michelle Brewer, Suzanne + Casey + Jack Yerxa, Joanna Bryson, Andrew Hachey, Mark + Andrew + Mr. Munro, Jill O'Reilly, Meghan + Emily MacNeil, Dave Dunstan, Chris Leveille, Fred Crossley, Aaron + Matt Kyte, Todd MacDonald, Chelsea + Rhonda + Mark + Colin Cusack and of course Lindsey Higgs. Missed Kerry Shaw and Sam Jones but all in all a good haul of sweet peeps for Christmas. Thanks for everything Mom Dad & Leigh, all my love!! xoxo

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