Monday, January 10, 2011

"Don't bring me down"

At Shoppers Drugmart I perused the aisles with Brent David Dawes. We stuck together, buying candies and vitamins. Water, soap and pop. We were swapping lives, trading stories and shoplifting at times.

At the checkout I purchased a Blackberry, in a nice plastic wrap. The girl at the cash was talking to me about the phone while I shoved it away into my black back pack. Inside were my red tuque and black gloves, a candle and an energy bar I had pocketed. I didn't want this blonde cashier to see what I had stolen and Brent behind me at the entrance to the mall was rushing me. Total reversal or roles. Music was playing overhead and I felt so much was happening all in one moment. I tried to place myself.

I leaned over the counter towards the still talking girl, and to distract her and myself, I sang in perfect harmony to the overhead music: "Don't bring me down" by Electric Light Orchestra.

Turning away from her I joined Brent, and we skipped out of the store.

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