Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Double woke up

I woke up to the sound of a person stomping down the hall of my poorly built house. The floors shook while the frames on the wall trembled under the weight of a person I lived with. They were going upstairs. I went to the kitchen, only lit by the sunlight above the sink, to find an awful mess. Pizza boxes, with frozen pizzas strung about the counter, little frozen pieces of graded cheese dotting the floor and tables. Scrunched plastic wrap, half empty glasses, cutting boards with organic waste. All after I had deep cleaned.

I woke up late for work and I ran to get into the shower. Ben was at the door trying to tell me something but I rushed past. I ripped open the curtain and jumped into the tub to find Michelle standing under the running water. She was wearing a towel but her right breast was exposed. I looked at the brown nipple and demanded she get out. She did.

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