Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The antidote

Sitting in a booth with a few individuals, we were waiting to eat a late supper at a friends house. There was a jovial atmosphere to the house. Familiar people dotted all about and I felt comfortable.

Until a woman at the party got agitated.

She was complaining of an illness and flopping about rather abruptly, people around began to notice her affliction. I stood up and while others rushed forward to support her, she proclaimed she was pregnant.

I touched her forehead and told her it would be fine. "I have the antidote, I'll be right back." I said and she fainted to the floor.

I left the room and headed with urgency down the hall to the back. I needed to find Matt. He had what I needed and it all revolved around getting the keys to his car.

Once out of the house through the backside top deck, I went down the stairs to find a scene by the backyard pool. I had found Matt, be he was played by Devin Pugsley, and he was with all his siblings at the pool. They were playing a game where they would lock arms back to back and try to throw each other into the pool. Devin's younger sister Laura had lifted him off his feet, and he dangled head first over the water. Their weight threw them off balance and they both fell into the pool. Devin's two other brothers were doing the same thing. I told Brent to watch his head before they both fell in head first. Brent came up holding his head and I asked if he hit it, but he said no. A dog was swimming in the pool too.

I asked Devin for his keys, and told him what was happening in the house. He smiled and reached into his swim short pockets grinning. He wasn't coming with me but he gave me the keys. I thanked him and left through the side alley gate that was wooden and covered in vines. The dog followed me.

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