Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Around the high school

As a skinny black woman I was carrying a large piece of ply wood awkwardly down the hall of my high school. I stepped out to the back field and I told myself to carry the board on my head. When I do, it practically disappears.

I balance it while singing Fiona Apple "Love Ridden" pretty off key. I'm heading to the tech wing on the far side of the school. It started as a winter night, frozen under snow. A red lumina being driven by an older black woman pulled into a parking spot above the slope of the field. She slides and almost sideswipes the tail of another car while plummeting down the hill, but she doesn't.

I kept walking and it turned to a spring day, gray and raining.

When I got around the corner by climbing through a tree, I thought my singing sounded better. I walked to the garage doors and noticed a dog and his walker were following me. I threw crab apples at them and told them to get away.

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