Monday, January 24, 2011

We both said "We're falling"

I was working in the basement of Relish, on a computer. It was a commercial space, extended from an underground mall. As I was working on the Metrolinx commercial for Shiv, Sarah Slocum came in with her coffee and notepad.

Surprised to see her as she came up to my desk, I stood and gave her a hug as I asked if she was still managing the photo studio.

"Yes and no" she said.

I was busy, and after a little small talk she headed out the door back to the mall. I asked what was up. Then she started to cry. She was pregnant.

I consoled her, told her about other friends having babies, and said that I thought she was ready. We embraced, and I didn't let go. She cried hard and she thanked me for really listening to her.

As we talked about the situation, we moved from the cafeteria to the 20th story balcony of my old apartment. We spooned on the futon that over looked the city at night. We kept talking but I became aware of my sudden fear of heights and knew we weren't secure in our positions. I imagined the building collapsing forward, and us rolling off the futon to the street far below.

We both said "We're falling" even though that was obvious, and then I snapped out of it.

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