Tuesday, November 23, 2010

chicken and corn in small ball form

Sitting in the booth at a diner with Adam and two men I can't remember, we ordered our meals and chit chatted about current events. It was evening, and I could see the street outside from where I sat.

My food arrived in a bowl, looking very much like corn puffs on rice. It was chicken and corn in small ball form, even the rice beneath it was balled. I ate it faster than I've eaten anything and before the waiter could leave I was ordering another round.

When we were done, Adam left to the store next door and promised he would be back. The other two men left. Alone at the table, I decided to sit in the windowsill and dangle my legs outside. I started to brush my teeth in this position, watching the people go by.

Then the two men and Adam walked by me, briefly saying they were leaving. I hopped down, toothbrush still in my mouth, and walked back around to the entrance to the diner. I had forgotten my wallet and manuscript!

In the seconds it took me to walk around two other men, Justin Apperley and Hayden Thomas were there preparing to order their meals. Justin was laying in the booth seat I had just left. I pounced on him, surprising them both. Reaching over him to grab my belongings on the windowsill I exclaimed "I was just sitting in the exact same place as you!" all the while pretending to stab him with my toothbrush as if it were a knife. I looked over at Hayden and asked how he was. "Fine, how are you Jordan?" he replied with a big smile. I said "SOO Awesome!" and turned to leave.

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