Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Late in 2008

December 2008:

Alice, Irene and I were siting in the lunch room at work near the doorway. I had my suitcase, Alice and Irene did also. We were talking, I could feel I was late for my flight. I noticed that the Ho sisters were going to the airport as well so I asked Alice if they wanted to share a cab. She looked away from me but said yes. I could feel they both didn't want me to come with them. I wheeled my suitcase with me to the washroom, and then I left.

Out on Bay Street, I headed for home, walking with my bags. I arrived at my apartment for one final shut down check. As I went to lock the door, I noticed it did not seal. The door frame was on an angle and I was unable to properly lock my apartment.

My superintendent arrived and she was wearing a brown cardigan I once owned. She said to follow her, she would try to fix the problem. I looked at my watch and remarked that I was very late and would miss my flight. Then I could feel someone else's presence.

Craig was behind me in the hall outside my door. I turned to him. He was wearing a jean jacket, a backpack and he was also pulling a suitcase but his had a boombox stereo tied to the top of it. He said he was leaving. I replied so was I, I was late and was going to miss my flight. We shake hands, hug and he backs into an elevator full of people, with his bags.

The super said to come with her to the service elevator on the other side. Once inside, the doors shut and I noticed the service elevator was a small theatre. Four seats wide, three aisles high. I remarked that I should use the space for a play.

As we reached the ground floor, one side of the elevator opened into windows exposing the bring outdoors with lush trees and chirping birds.

Late with my luggage I woke up.

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