Monday, November 8, 2010

Dot Matrix

Adam and I were working together on a few projects. One was a small square canvas, the other was a wooden model of a house.

I was painting the wooden house white, working room by room of the tiny victorian mansion. I found it therapeutic to move the globs of white and cover the wooden construction.

Adam came through the studio, on his phone. I over heard him negotiating a price, starting at $100. He was selling our painting. I looked over to the canvas and noticed that the piece, which we had finished together, was painted over and re done without me. Adam continued to negotiate, the price dropped to $50 and he hung up.

He approached me, and noticed I painted patterns in one of the rooms of the model house. I said, I am painting over that, I am just having fun with it. He replied, you can leave it like that but it will look bad. I painted over my pattern.

I said to him that he should have consulted me before selling the painting. That we were working together and it was part mine too. Adam pulled out a paper from his pocket, it was from an old dot matrix printer that listed dates and everything he had done on our two projects. He said he did more. From the look of the list he was right, but I was still his partner. When I said this he replied simply "What's your point?"

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