Sunday, November 14, 2010

Family in Montréal

My weekend was filled with lovely family time in the fine city of Montréal. Adam and I arrived Friday evening to Gabrielle and Eric's new home in La Salle, a quiet neighborhood south west of Verdun. With a baby due in a few weeks, two cats and a 68 pound basset hound filled with love, the stay was relaxing and warm. Saturday afternoon we ventured into the city to visit with my sweet baby sister, in town for her birthday. It was a short visit, for dinner and some drinks, but it was enriched with home none the less. I love her very much. It was too short. This morning, I woke in a spoon train. Lomez the hound hugging Adam hugging me hugging the black kitty Veda. We took our hosts for breakfast, played a few rounds on the nintendo and headed home to Toronto. A sweet family weekend in Montréal.

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