Tuesday, November 30, 2010

leggo my eggo

I was living with four other people in a big old house. My birthday was approaching and I was getting excited. Because I loved myself so much I was telling everyone I knew about the party, except for two of the people I lived with because I did not know them. Ben was the other room mate I knew, and he was befriending the ones I did not know. Both were female. Typical.

I came into the run down old fight club style kitchen and all were there. One of the girls gave me an eggo waffle covered in icing sugar so I took it and began to eat it. "This is delicious!" I exclaimed. She looked back at me with a strange grin. She had dark curly hair and a sharp face and she took a bite out of her own waffle. "It's my birthday today." She said with her mouth full, "I'm 26." I looked over at Ben, he shrugged. I looked back at this girl and wished her a happy birthday. As I took another bite into the sweet pastry the other girl piped in also. "It's my birthday next week!" She said. "I'm turning 23." Feeling little by little that my excitement was draining to these other younger birthdays, I clung to positivity. I remarked we were all Sagittarius with a forced smile.

I went to the refrigerator to get a glass of orange juice. As I reached for the door, David Davidson dressed in his black work uniform beat me to it. Bent over in front of the fridge he looked back at me through his thick black framed glasses and said "Don't worry, I'm 29." I looked back at everyone else feeling a little relieved. "Thank god," I replied "You don't look a day over eleven."

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