Sunday, November 21, 2010

Trains and Cabins

It ended with me waking up laughing in hysterics.

The old steam engine train came to a halt and many passengers all dressed in posh 19th century attire began to gather their belongings and disembark. The passengers were people I knew, but I stuck with Lindsey Higgs. She was wearing a white Victorian gown with a matching hat and umbrella. I carried our suitcases and together we left the train.

We were all transported to a complex that was a science institution. The land around it was simple, flat blues and greens that resembled a creation from Microsoft paint.

Lindsey and I walked in the white clinical hallways of the complex. Still dressed to the nines in very old world clothing, I asked Lindsey if we were lost. She replied that she had been there before with many children for a conference and that there were only five floors. She added that it was shaped like a spider so it was easy to get lost. I chuckled like my mother.

We entered the stairwell and there was Michelle Brewer, hunched over her bags on the stairs. Taking a break from the many Kidsing kids she was chaperoning, she looked stressed. She was binge eating broccoli and potato chips. I recalled instantly that on the train she had mentioned she was dieting again and when we caught her in the stairwell she looked embarrassed. "I need to find more money!" she exclaimed with her mouth full and laughing. Lindsey continued down the stairs without saying anything. Michelle dumped her purse of pennies on the floor and began making piles, still laughing. This scene made me burst into a loud cackle and I grabbed the railing for support. I was laughing so hard that it woke me up.

Before we got on the train myself and a few others were helping Adam install a third floor on his cabin, and a new roof. Gabrielle and I were working with a carpenter on the new flooring and when we finished were told it was a dangerous job. Gabrielle sat across the room on a lay-z-boy chair and I noticed she was no longer pregnant. We spoke and then the carpenter came in and began to lift the floor we had just put down. He lifted it with his bare hands, the boards were only held down with staples. With the floor almost completely gone revealing downstairs, the carpenter said we would have to take the cabin to a special place to compete it.

This is when the cabin was put on a train with everyone I knew and we all steamed away to our destination.

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