Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Start digging

Going through past journals to find some goodies I discovered other dream accounts that time warp my memory *BAM* I've been dreaming about the end of the world for a long time. And Carolyn Roberts? More to come with correlation.

December 12, 2004

"I dreamt it was the apocalypse, the second coming. I was alone in my room at home. It was dark out everywhere. All I had was a flashlight, and it was slowly dimming. It was so terribly dark and the wind howled at my window. I was so afraid. The dog was downstairs, I could hear her running around, from window to window, barking, sad barking.

I went downstairs and found her, opened the front door and went out into the raining wind. There wasn't a sign of life anywhere, it was so terribly dark and raining. The dog took off up the hill onto the road to look for our mother, we were determined she was out there. We came to the end of the road and turned left up the old Chaimberlain Road. All the houses were dark and the corner light was gone. Looking for anyone, the dog and I got to my old bus stop, two houses up the street, and an invisible wall smashed into us. With such force it jettisoned us into the sky falling back to the top of my parents hill, in the huge mud garden. It nocked the wind out of me, a pain in the arm I landed on. I sat up slowly against the wind, I could hear the dog whimpering. I tried to help her up but she just kept crying and crying."

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